A Mosaic Of The Heart:
Inspirational Artistry   Bernadette R LaCrosse   

Bernadette R LaCrosse, Artist at Work 
As a survivor of two separate traumatic brain injuries, Bernadette has drawn upon her faith to overcome a myriad of life's challenges. She has worked in several different business arenas, including office management, business ownership, and real estate sales. Her marriage was blessed with four beautiful children but ended in divorce after almost thirty years. Forced into an early retirement due to her injuries, she questioned what God wanted her to do with the rest of her life.

Beginning in January of 2007, as an answer to prayer, she received an outpouring of inspired words in the form of poetic messages. Also, she had already been tapping into creative expression through various forms of media at "Paint a Miracle," an art studio in Rochester, Michigan for people with disabilities. Since then, her "works of art" have been presented to the public through poetry readings in person and on the internet, and many of her paintings have been sold and/or donated for fund-raising events. They have been featured on note cards, bookmarks, and Christmas cards and offered for sale at the art studio, various hospital and clinic locations, as well as bookstores. She is the recipient of several Editor's Choice Awards.

She will tell you that God has been there for her through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trials of life. She shares the lessons she has learned in the formation of her heart's mosaic through her paintings, poetry, photos and design of her debut edition of "A Mosaic Of The Heart".

Bernadette presents her work to you because of the positive response and encouragement she has received, and most importantly, at the direction of that "still, small voice" leading her to begin her new mission. She acknowledges that the Holy Spirit is the True Author and that she is just a messenger.


"Your poetry is faith-filled and has a Trinitarian movement.  You reflect on God's love and our need to share it.  The emphasis on acceptance, forgiveness, and trust is inspiring."

-Monsignor Thomas Johnson, Pastor of St. Kieran Catholic Church, Shelby Township, Michigan


"A sincere thank you for sharing your writings with our Prayer Group.  We all enjoyed your presentation - everyone was touched in some way by your anointed words of comfort, love, and joy from the Lord.  Through you, He touched us!"

- Kathryn Marcell, on behalf of The Community of God's Love Prayer Group, North Macomb Vicariate, the Archdiocese of Detroit


"Those of us at Paint a Miracle have had the privilege of working with Bernie over the last few years.  She has captivated us with her painting and inspired us with her poetry.  This book is a wonderful compilation of her talent.  Bernie's art is a God-given gift - a gift which gives light to a world in desperate need of hope."

- Shelly Propson Tyshka, Executive Director of Paint a Miracle Art Studio, Rochester, Michigan