A Mosaic Of The Heart:
Inspirational Artistry   Bernadette R LaCrosse   

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"Those of us at Paint a Miracle have had the privilege of working with Bernie over the last few years. She has captivated us with her painting and inspired us with her poetry. This book is a wonderful compilation of her talent. Bernie’s art is a God-given gift – a gift which gives light to a world in desperate need of hope.”Shelly Propson Tyshka, Executive Director of Paint a Miracle Art Studio, Rochester, Michigan

See Mitch Albom's "Heart of Detroit" visit to Paint a Miracle Art Studio in Rochester, Michigan.

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The artwork (paintings and mosaic) displayed in "A Mosaic Of The Heart:  Inspirational Artistry" was created by Bernadette LaCrosse at Paint a Miracle Art Studio in Rochester, Michigan.  Her book reveals her Heart to Art journey to Hope and Healing.  


Check out this inspiring (albeit amateur) video. It sums up what makes Paint a Miracle so special! Click Here


Living With The Accident 3 by Bernadette R LaCrosse

A Mosaic Of The Heart: Inspirational Artistry by Bernadette R LaCrosse