A Mosaic Of The Heart:
Inspirational Artistry   Bernadette R LaCrosse   

 There's Always Hope

By Bernadette R LaCrosse

Never give up. There's always hope.
Take it to the Lord. He will help you to cope.
Life brings trials and troubles to bear.
But, He's always there to handle you with care!

When you ask God to see you through,
His grace is enough to strengthen you.
God always knows a better way.
Seek the Holy Spirit's guidance right now, today!

Forgiving yourself and forgiving others is a start
To heal the painful wounds held so deep in your heart.
Turn your pain into power; make it a spiritual tower.
Cast out the negative thoughts in your brain
To broadcast faith and love, for His peace to obtain.

Choose to be a positive force,
An instrument of His love, a vessel on course.
Move to that place of spiritual power.
Then, dwell there in joy and peace every minute, Every hour!